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Welcome to Earth Metropolis. We hope that you will enjoy your visit and will continue to return often for both work and for pleasure. It is our hope that you will become more aware of the gifts provided by Mother Nature and rich diversity of its human culture.

Planet earth is becoming smaller each year, this day, on the hour and every minute. In one web site we can observe and participate in earth science, environmental and cultural issues all in the same space and time. We live in an age where digitized information travels at the speed of thought. We are now able to move enormous amounts of information from various media, various disciplines across vast distances and time to your desktop in seconds. You can examine new ideas, meet new people, and go places while in the comfort of your own space, home, or office.

We will take you back in time to ancient Kemet (Egypt), (Indus Valley) India, China, Korea, Japan, Minoan, Mycenaean, Greece and Rome. You will visit ancient civilizations in the Fertile Crescent and view civilizations in the New World Americas. Together we will make the pilgramage to Ile-Ife Nigeria, Kumasi Ghana, Obelisk Axum, rest at Saint Mary of Zion Axium Ethiopia, go to Angkor in Cambodia, trek Baban Burma, contemplate Swayambhunath Stupa at Kathmandu Napal, visit Bali Indonesia and sail the South Seas. PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE PRESS THIS BUTTON TO MOVE FORWARD TO A PREVIOUS PAGE TRADUISEZ N'IMPORTE QUOI - ‹BERSETZEN SIE ALLES - TRADURRE QUALCHE COSA - TRADUZA QUALQUER COISA - TRADUZCA CUALQUIER COSA

If humans and their history books were missing from the planet, about 80 percent of the human story could be reconstructed from their art, artifacts and architecture. Our first selection is a mixture of travel, art and architecture.


For vacations, you may book your travel for ground, air, or sea. You have a choice of using either travel agents, or travel consolidators for planning your next vacation. Visa requirements and travel doctor services are available as well. There are several experienced traveler web sites available to help you plan your journey. Look for travel books, videos and DVDs under books on the travel page menu.


The education section is like hub of a large wheel. All of the areas you visit outside the hub have spokes leading you back to education. This is where our "curriculum" is developed for helping you understand the many cultural and environmental differences throughout our planet. Topics outside the education section tend to be general and entertaining. Topics inside education section are examined in more detail. There are course curriculums and lessons. We use "essays" and "lectures" that are written in Html and PDF formats. Our poles and surveys are CGI. Finally we have a series of "databases" where we store and sort information. Whenever you wish to leave a database always scroll down to the steel bar and click. The steel bar will return you to the Earth Institute relay page.


In our music section we have recordings from all over the world. You will need a Real Player 6 plug-in or higher to hear most of the music in this section. The music selections are placed in three columns, so that you can view music in this section. The music selections from three parts of the planet all at once. We recently opened a "Jazz and Blues" music page. You will find a link to "Jazz and Blues" in the page menu at the top of the music page. This is an interactive music section. You wish to listen to the radio, then press the "Cultural" button in our frame menu when you get to the frame section of our web site.


You will find everything from search engines, telephone books, bulletin boards, web page editors, web page script, tutorials, weather reports, currency exchange rates; databases etc. If you name it, it is there.


There are two very small back buttons. You will see them paced conviently thoughout this website. The button on the left takes you back to a previous page and the back button on the right takes you foward to a previous page. PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE PRESS THIS BUTTON TO MOVE FORWARD TO A PREVIOUS PAGE This small booklet is a text translator. TRADUISEZ N'IMPORTE QUOI - ‹BERSETZEN SIE ALLES - TRADURRE QUALCHE COSA - TRADUZA QUALQUER COISA - TRADUZCA CUALQUIER COSA Double click on icon and Altavista's Babel Fish Translation will translate text into several languages and character interfaces. Note: Our art databases will not work with Netscape Navigator browsers. These databases work only with Microsoft Explorer browsers (sample - Nile Valley Art & Architecture).


In the framed page section, we use three frames to help you better organizes your desktop and to prevent you from opening too many windows at once. This page will have a large box to view page content to the right and two smaller frames to your left and bottom for viewing menus. Our frame to the left will lists your main menu. The frame at the bottom of your browser will serve as a sub-menu. It lists headings normally found under the main menu. You will have to scroll different levels by using scroll arrows to your bottom right. We refer to these two types of menus as "frame menus". Don't bother to look for these features yet. You are still on a full page. This type of page doesn't have any frames.

Our next feature is the "Floating Menu". Experienced users are going to love this feature. You will find the Floating Menu on the "About Us" page. The "About Us" link can be found on frame menu pages only. The floating menu is a floating Java box that allows you to view other menus and web pages while focusing on the main content page. We can move the Java box anywhere we want to on our web page. This box is perfect for music selection and music purchase. The music pages are always divided into three columns making the pages easy to use inside the Java box. We will explain more about how this feature works on the next page. We can leave the box small while listening to music.

Which brings us to our last feature. We have two types of web pages; "framed pages" and "pages without frames". Most of our web pages have menus at the top and bottom of each page. Making it easier to move to the next level or choose something closely related to the page that we are on. We refer to these menus as "page menus". If we need search engines for finding information related to the page we are on then just look for it in the page menu located at the top and bottom of this page. When we wish to look at art books we must make sure the art page is visible first before trying to choose the link "books" on our page menu. For example if you are on a page with search engines you are only going to find books related to search engines in your page menu. There is one page with lively icons. We call this the web site "map menu". You click one of the images displaying a picture where you you want to go. This page is very useful for someone not familiar with this web site. Hold the mouse pointer over the icon you wish to click on and a text box appears. The instructs, in the box, describe the web page that the icon is linked to. Experienced surfers enjoy picture icons too. It is best to use a variety of choices.


We are affiliated with companies that use top security measures to insure the safety of our client's privacy and currency exchange over the Internet. We have chosen vendors who supply products and services of top quality for reasonable prices. If you like any of the products these companies offer, we would appreciate you opening a window to make this purchase from our web site. Part of the funds from your purchases will help improve the quality of our telecommunication product and proved more free information and services for you.

This brings us to the end of our first page of notes. On our next page we will take a closer look at how this web site functions as a web site, portal, network and gateway.

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