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Baule Stool/font>*Buli (buffalo Mask)Baule Ancestor FigureBuale Monkey Figure

Baule Male & Female Baule Mask & FigureBaule Colonial FigureBaule Wooden Door

Baule DrumBaule Mouse OricaleBaule SpoonBaule Chair (Kimet origins)

Baule People With FlywiskBaule Heddle PulleyBaule DoorBuale Stool With Alligator

Baule CombBaule CombBaule bird Divination BowlBaule Game Board

Baule Indigo Strip ClothBaule thread Beater
& Shuttle Boat
Baule Wooden
Jewelry Box
Baule Wooden Drum

Baule Ancestor FigureBaule Woodcarving AdzeBaule DoorBaule Antelope

Baule Fly WiskBaule Box HarpBaule Bowl With FiguresBaule Brass Gold Dust

Baule Twin MasksBaule Mouse OracleBaule Figure DrumingBaule Silver Pendant


The Baule are an Anyi people. They live in the Ivory Coast. Baule were once appart of the Ashanti Confederacy in Ghana. They do not speak an Akan language. The Baule are a Kra speaking people.PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE PRESS THIS BUTTON TO MOVE FORWARD TO A PREVIOUS PAGE

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THE CLAUDE LOCKHART CLARK ART FORUM ---- is (first and foremost) a master woodcarver - , graphic artist, painter, writer, family archivist, printmaker, photographer and webmaster. His artwork is about his family heritage; the African and Diaspora exsperience. This link will take you to my - Yahoo! 360 Forum - on the world wide web. THE CLAUDE CLARK ART CENTER --- Claude Clark and Claude Lockhart Clark are father and son African American artists. The father's work consist of paintings and the son is a sculptor. Their artwork is about the common man and African exsperience.