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Bambara ArchitectureBambara Iron Mask*Bambara Antalope ImagesBambara Puppet

Bambara Cellebrating The HoeBambara Ancestor FigureBambara Bokolafini TextileBambara Mask

Bambara Dwellings & StorageBambara Antelope Dancer Bambara Antelope ImagesBambara Kora Mask

Bambara Bambara Dwellings

Bambara Antelope Images

Bambara Puppet on Horse

Bambara Stool Female

Bambara Masked Dancer

Bambara Ntomo Mask &
Cowrie Shells
Bambara Antelope Images

Bambara King's Stool

Bambara Gorgeous Beautiful looking LadyBambara MarionettesBambara Male Antelope Image Bambara Hyena Mask

Bambara Stool With Head HandleBambara Female ImageBambara Antelope ImagesBambara Figure

Bambara Farmer's ChairBambara HoresmanBambara Puppet Head of RamBambara Door

Bambara - an Atractive Beautiful Woman With
Amber Beads
Bambara Image With Blood From Sacrafice

Bambara Female Image

Bambara Antelope Image With
Dancer's Head Gear

Bambara Dwellings & StorageBambara Female FigureBambara Antelope Image Bambara Wooden Boli


Dogon people live in Mali and Burkina Faso (former Upper Volta). The Dogon people have some of the most abstract images in that region. They some how avoided being converted to Islam religion. PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE PRESS THIS BUTTON TO MOVE FORWARD TO A PREVIOUS PAGE

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THE CLAUDE LOCKHART CLARK ART FORUM ---- is (first and foremost) a master woodcarver - , graphic artist, painter, writer, family archivist, printmaker, photographer and webmaster. His artwork is about his family heritage; the African and Diaspora exsperience. This link will take you to my - Yahoo! 360 Forum - on the world wide web. THE CLAUDE CLARK ART CENTER --- Claude Clark and Claude Lockhart Clark are father and son African American artists. The father's work consist of paintings and the son is a sculptor. Their artwork is about the common man and African exsperience.