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African Images & art

The African continent is the dawn of human civilization. Kemet was the world's first monumental civilization. Africans developed most of the advanced math principles we use today (see AFRICAN ORIGIN OF MATHEMATICS).

African art is abstract oriented. African abstract art and monumental architecture has created a great impact on the art & architecture of Western Civilization. Kemet stylized the human figure and through the use of the cone, sphere and cylinder artists in Ille Ife were able to make you think you were seeing an idealized portrait of a person. African people believe that coping nature is offensive.

Africans produce their best artwork in sculpture. And most of that has been wood and/or stone. Africans excel in metal sculpture and textiles as well.

  1. Cleopatra/Egypt
    • From History to Myth
    • Exibit Opens on: October 20, 2001
    • And Closes on: March 3, 2002
    • Exhibition at The Field Museum in Chicago, IL
  2. Dox Thrash:
    • An African American Master Printmaker Rediscovered
    • Exibit Opens on: October 27, 2001
    • And Closes on: Feb. 24, 2002
    • Exhibition at The Philadelphia Museum in Philadelphia, PA
    • This publication was written by Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop of Sénégal
    • If you do not understand French use the translator on the left next to the two yellow buttons, on the light blue menu pannel.
    • "THE GLOBAL AFRICAN PRESENCE" has been on the World Wide Web since 1998.
    • It is run and maintained by Africans and it is located in the United States.
    • Dr. Runoko Rashidi is a historian, Pan-Africanist Scholar.
    • The Egyptian Museum is located in Cairo, Egypt.
    • This is a private owned web site (Mark T. Rigby) and powered by Power Up.
    • Power Up is a subsidiary of Yahoo.
  6. Egyptian Collection
  7. Egypt Art: The Louvre
  8. Egyptian Artifacts
    • The Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology, founded in 1984, is a component of the Dept. of Art of The University of Memphis, in Memphis, Tennessee.
  9. Museum Tours
  10. AXIUM

European Art

Europeans work and think from a two dimensional; vertical reference. They are noted for defining concepts and practice of Western Art. Europeans were the first to develop a color theory in painting. These people are also known for photography and its antecedents.

In European Art, sculpture parallels painting. Since the 15th century until the late 19th century, European art paralleled images of camera obscura, but when obscura went mechanical European art became more abstract.

The Romans Produced the first self supporting dome in architecture and Western Civilization produced the first steel and glass architecture.

Since the dawn of the 18th century, with the help of Economics, Industrial Revolution, Platonic Ideology and Colonialism Europe has broaden its base from European Civilization to Western Civilization. Their art has followed the same path as well.

  1. Explore World Cultures
  2. TIMELINE: Art History
  5. Aegean Archaeology
    • This sudy deals with methods students are taught to use when studing Aegean Artifacts.
    • This study is being done at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire
  6. Arch. Mus. of Athens
    • The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is the most important archaeological museum in Greece. Its collections are representative of all the cultures that flourished in Greece.
  7. Ancient Greek World
  8. Perseus Digital Library
    • Note: Be sure to make good use of the rhumb nails in each section.
    • This portal is located at Tufts University
    • The list that follows may be of interest.
    • Greek Art & Architecture
  9. Alexander Coins
    • The Dating of the Coinage of Alexander the Great
    • This collection is at Brown University Located in Providence Rhode Island
    • "The Petra Great Temple Exivation" and other and field work being done by students and faculty from Brown University.
  10. Etruscan Civilization.
  11. Roman Art Achit.

Asian & New World Art

Asia is a vast composite of several civilizations stemming from the Fertile Crescent to India and China in the Old World.

In China, writing and drawing are inseparable arts. They are masters at utilizing space and object in art. Chinese ceramics are some of the world's best.

The Indians and Mugals produced some of the worlds finest architecture.

Asian art & architecture has left its impact on Western Civilization.

In architecture, the Fertile Crescent produced the worlds first self supporting arch which enabled Rome to build the world's first self supporting dome.

In the New World the art and civilization centers begins in the south with Olmec Civilization. The best Mural paintings are from this part of the world. New World people are known for stone sculpture as well. PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE PRESS THIS BUTTON TO MOVE FORWARD TO A PREVIOUS PAGE

  2. Deh Luran Project
  3. INDIA
  4. Asian Art
    • An on-line journal for study and exhibition of the arts in Asia
  5. Beijing Museums
    • This web site is in Beijing China.
  6. Shanghai Museum
  7. Nat. Palace Museum
    • This web site belongs to the government of Taiwan China. The palace museum is located in the capital city of Taipei.
  8. Asian Art Museum SF
    • "The Splendors of Imperial China" A presentation of the Treasures from the National Palace Museum, in Taipei, Taiwan China.
  9. Chinese Paintings
    • Exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    • The Silk Road of Cninese Buddhist Art
  12. Chinese Jade
  14. Ceramic Information
  15. Korea Infogate
  16. Korea Insights
  17. Viet Touch

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