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Welcome To Chinese Spoken Language Center

Pinyin Institute of Sound

In this section people learning to speak proper Mandarin will first learn the use of sounds and tones. The Roman alphabet is best suited for languages rooted in Latin or other related European languages. The sounds in Chinese are totally different, so that one looking at Roman letters applied to Chinese sounds is going to have to view the new sounds these letters make from a different perspective. Many of the sounds in Chinese are "Unvoiced" rather than "Voiced Sounds". Chinese only make use of twenty three letters in the Roman alphabet. The V sound is missing. The Chinese dont make that sound. There are two lessons in "Easy Chinese". Try these two lessons. If you have any problems with sound and tone then you need to learn Pin Yin first. CLC

  1. Yin = (sound)

  2. Pin Yin Ge

  3. Chinese Pinyin in 6 Mins

  4. EaseIntoChinese demo lesson no. 1

  5. Easy Chinese

  6. Chinese Pinyin-Lesson 1 (Mandarin)

  7. Four Tones-Learn Chinese Mandarin speak-Learning Chinese.mp4

  8. 7 days mandarin lesson 1 Spell & Sound

  9. 7 days mandarin lesson 2

  10. 3. Pinyin (Initial Consonants : c, zh, ch, sh, r)

  11. 4. Pinyin (Vowels : Simple Vowels a, o, e, i, u)

  12. 5. Pinyin (Compound Vowels)

  13. 6. Tone

  14. 7. Tones in authentic language

Institute of Vocabulary

The purpose of these lessons is to build vocabulary and make simple sentences. On the Pinyin side we learned the basic sounds and tones used in Chinese Mandarin. Those sounds and tones will help you build correct and meaningful vocabulary. If at anytime you should have trouble learning a lesson then go back and review Pinyin sounds and tones in column one. Any other questions you may have may be answered at the "Seemile Learn Asian Laguage" website. CLC

  1. Survival mandarin lesson 1 Greetings

  2. Survival mandarin lesson 2 Questions

  3. Survival mandarin lesson 3


  5. 5. LET'S TAKE A TAXI!


  7. 7. LET'S GO SHOPPING #1 (Money & Vocabulary)

  8. 8. LET'S GO SHOPPING #2 (cloths & apparel)



  11. 11. TRAIN TICKETS & Compass Directions

  12. 12. AT A HOTEL

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  1. Words to Chinese National Anthem

  2. Paul Robeson Sings Chinese Anthem

  3. Children Songs

  4. Two Tiger Song

  5. Fingers Song

  6. Learning Chinese is Fun! - Episode 1

  7. Learning Chinese is Fun! - Episode 2

  8. Learning Chinese is Fun - Episode 3

  9. Basic Chinese , How to Say Hello in Chinese , Chinese Tones

  10. Beginner Chinese - Self Introduction (Part 1)

  11. Beginner Chinese - Self Introduction (Part 2)

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